Sunday, February 26, 2012

Face melted . . .

Maybe it's culture clash--my insular, northwestern European roots colliding against those of my predominantly warmer-climed and possibly gregarious-cultured, or obviously all-American, party-loving neighbors.

Maybe it's my age--naw, I've always been like this and some of my neighbors are about the same age as me.

Maybe I just wear my neural receptors on my sleeve.

I feel like one of those guys in Raiders of the Lost Ark. You know the ones; the guys at the end whose faces melt off or their heads explode. Not good.

Yes, I have spoken nicely to these neighbors. I thought perhaps they just didn't realize how loud their activities are inside my house. With the doors and windows closed. I'm already dreading summer when everybody seems to be outside and partying and the windows have to be open or we fry. And I'm looking forward to getting to work tomorrow for a little peace and quiet. (Anyone really knowing me understands this as a HUGE joke.)

Whatever. I resent being kept up all night, then having adults yelling, doors slamming, children screaming for long periods throughout the day (these seem to be visiting children, thank God) and feeling forced to retreat to my darkened bedroom, putting ear-plugs in, and pulling the covers over my head, trying to block it out at least for a little while. Not the way I was planning on spending my weekend. I was hoping to actually get some work done today.

Instead, I composed this blog while trying to block out the noise, must have slept as I dreamed pleasantly of positive book reviews, and this song was in my head--unhappily and a little too appropriately--when I woke up.

Does anyone else have to deal with noisy neighbors like me? What do you do? Is there anything you've said that makes any difference? I've thought about retaliating, like waking them up at four in the morning banging pans outside their window or something, but of course I'd never do it. I'm hating the idea of having to move again when my lease is up. I otherwise like it here and it fits my budget--an important consideration.

Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to rant, I promise not to make a habit of it, and I promise to be more positive next time but honestly, I have to do something productive today. And it gives me an excuse to share some Incubus. Just making lemonade. :)

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