Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Little Music and . . .

Chapter Four is up at WordPress . . . finally!

Okay, music . . .

I told you about a group called SPEAK a few weeks ago, with a link to "Carrie (Mindful)"

Well, their debut album "I Believe In Everything" is out, (Yeah...go ahead, check it out, and BUY it here) and it's fabulous. If you like synth/electro pop/alternative with tight vocals, bass (on the funky side), drums (WOW) and guitar (VERY versatile!) give them a listen. I really can't say enough of how impressed I am by these guys. They remind me of so many of my all-time favorite bands: the harmonies at times VERY Beach Boys, singer Troupe's alternately growly (Depeche Mode) and soaring (Civil Twilight/Passion Pit) leads, and Nick and Joey - how DO you sing that high, that well, and pull off the chops instrumentally at the same time? All driven by Jake on percussion. (Again...WOW.) Foster the People (funky, edgy, vocal ranges) comes to mind too. I wish them all the luck in the world!

Also . . . Switchfoot:

I've loved this band since the first time I heard "New Way to Be Human" way back in . . . (ahem) . . . the day. Their last album, "Hello Hurricane," is terrific and so far I'm liking the newest, "Vice Verses," but it was WONDERFUL to actually hear them on my local alternative station. It's been a long time!!! That single and my favorite track on that album so far:


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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Ren Faire

This is just a follow up to last weekend's outing:

I arrived with one overwhelming, burning question . . . where is the jousting? Lead me to your horses!

The fields around Casa de Fruta--an oasis in the Central California Hills--had been converted into the likeness of an English village, circa 16th century, and was filled with merchants, artisans, musicians, and merry-makers dressed in varying degrees of period authenticity. There were also a few small boys 'slaying' princesses in ballerina skirts and somebody complaining that someone else's wing had just poked her in the eye.

Apparently this is "Fantasy" theme weekend, but really, I've never seen so many sparkles, tutus, or fairy wings outside of Disneyland (or a very small girl's birthday party). Then there's the goth side too, with the black spiderweb hose and, well, mostly black everything. And wings. *Sigh* But there was plenty of true(ish)-to-history apparel too, and lots of noisy shenanigans all around. I especially loved the young man cantering around pretending to ride a horse, in peasant's clothing and a crown on his head, followed by another cantering peasant clopping coconuts together. Extremely silly and I loved it.

Soon after arriving I found an area that seemed suitable for equestrian maneuvers, but nothing was happening so I continued on my way. The best costume I saw was a man dressed as a tree, very cleverly too. I thought, "He's meant to be a bandit, perhaps from Sherwood." I asked him if this was true and he seemed disappointed that I didn't recognize him as an 'ent.' Apparently my imagination is lacking. But then, I had forgotten that this was "Fantasy" weekend. It was an awesome costume none-the-less.

As usual, I was mostly drawn to the areas where there was music being performed. I was able to get short videos of this, so when I finally get my editing program figured out I'll put them together for you.

One of my favorite vendors was a man selling leather journals. (Gee, I wonder why that caught my attention?) They were lovely, all different sizes, and filled with cotton paper. His website is here: The Journal Guy
Eventually (when The Glister Journals has enough fans) I would like to give one of those as a prize. Allison would love them.

I want to keep this post positive in nature so I am NOT going to mention the food.

By the time I made my way back to the "tournament" area, it was impossible to get close enough to really see anything at all, let alone take any pictures. I hung out for a short while, hoping others might get tired of standing and move, allowing me to inch closer to the action, but it didn't happen. I'll have to remember that next time.

I am still looking for the software that came with my camera so I can download the photos I took (I had lost it before I moved, then found it again, but haven't seen it since. I am still wading through boxes!) When I do, I shall post them and let you know!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Day Out . . .

I think I need to get out today. You know, just out of the house, clear the cobwebs out, jump in the car and drive, and blast my tunes. I'm going to head over to the Northern California Renaissance Fair (do you always have to check your spelling on that word like me?) I've been to smaller Ren Fairs, but not this one, and none so big.

A friend of mine is going as an assassin. A special assassin. She's going to try to give an apple to the Queen. (Favorite video game reference.) It might prove entertaining. I'll take pics, even try to get decent video (I'm STILL working on sharing that. I don't seem to have any time to work on it. Then again, I guess I could stay home today and work on it, but then I'd have no video. You see the dilemma.)

Meanwhile I have FINALLY got Chapter Three uploaded on my Wordpress blog. Chapter Two needs some revision to reflect any revisions in the book, and Chapter Four will be following. All four chapters are available for reading at theglisterjournals.com. I'll report back on Ren Fair later.

Have a great Sunday!

More Glister info and chapters at the book's website here: theglisterjournals.com