Sunday, January 15, 2012

Too Noisy!

I had great hopes of organizing notes, writing, and rewriting today. In fact, except for a short trip this morning, I thought I had all day to do it. Little did I know: it was a football (American) AND hockey day.

Now I love certain sports, but I'm not much of a stadium sport fan, except maybe baseball. My mother was a HUGE baseball fan (I mean that she was very enthusiastic, not that she was huge!) She even played on a community powderpuff team when I was a kid. Go Mom! So baseball is okay. And I love soccer (footy) but seldom get to see it played. I'll watch just about anything equestrian, and I adore board sports and "extreme" sports. But I'm not really a sports person.

I have quite a few neighbors and they ALL seem to be big stadium sport fans. And they want everyone to know about it too. Noise has been an issue ever since we moved in, but when it's a Big Game Day--oh boy. So I cleaned the house. I did research. I tried to read, but couldn't concentrate (I am VERY easily distracted.) Then I surfed, because sometimes it's all I can do, but I usually find really cool stuff. And I did, so I'll share. And try again tomorrow.

The Joy of Books

Snow "tubing" crow (or Russian equivalent--I think)

And because I loved it the first time I heard it (a couple of weeks ago), it's playing all over the place now, and I consistently wake up with it in my head, I'd love to give Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" to you, but I'm not sure the video is appropriate for here. So I'll leave you with this one instead.

WARNING: The lyrics are very sad, but the video is wonderful, and a little less sad, and if you let it (and want it to), it will distract you from them. Full screen view is best. :)

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