Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rock On

I seem to have a problem with timing. No, not musically speaking. My sense of rhythm and tempo are rock steady. And not performance timing. I pride myself (what a weird expression, but you know what I mean) on being able to start on time and remain within a reasonable timeframe, both for myself or anything I've organized.

No, just general life timing. Putting things together on a daily basis timing. And especially this book business and promotion thing timing. It's a bit...confusing and frustrating. And the more time I spend trying to do the social networking thing, the more confused I get (not to mention the horrendous wasting of precious writing time!)

On a more encouraging note, I am thrilled to be able to say that Bronze won (tied) the Literary Fiction category of the IndieReader Discovery Awards. I'm glad of the exposure and extremely glad to know that my book was read by people actually in the publishing and media industries and was considered good enough to win an award. For someone like me who is still trying to figure out the best way of letting people know my book even exists, it's a BIG deal. So . . . YAY!

Also, I'm waiting to release (rather impatiently, but I'm trying!) the Kindle version of Bronze to maximize exposure for it. I'll tell you more about this as those efforts progress. There will be hidden information revealed concerning the book (yes, like a puzzle) and a real contest (yes, solving said puzzle) and there will definitely be giveaways and free Kindle days and special goodies. I'm extremely excited and anxious to get this going! Tick tock tick tock....

In the meantime, I'm trying to concentrate on actual writing and avoiding internet wandering. I'm saving a couple of blog posts I've already written for a future blog tour--as soon as I have that set up--so I won't be terribly active here, but I'll let you know where I can be found! I would love to respond to people and answer any specific questions you may have, but I'm going to avoid the internet otherwise. I'm too easily distracted! The best place to contact me personally (unless you have my e-mail) is here on this blog, on The Glister Journals Facebook page or @glisterjournals on Twitter.

I'd like to share a video with you though. This made my day and was a huge encouragement to me to block out self doubt and just stay true to my vision, my ideas, my voice, my characters, and the story I'm trying to tell with The Glister Journals. Adults can be so stifling and negative. Children often seem to be my greatest inspiration, and these boys are wonderful. Rock on!

(Click the right bottom corner for full screen.)

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bronze e-book . . . soon!

UPDATE (June 9, 2013):

I'm pleased to say the Kindle edition of my novel Bronze is ready and will be available soon pending some promotional efforts. Once those things are in place there will be more news and giveaways. Hang in there with me!

Well, I had hoped to have the Kindle edition of Bronze available today, but I confess I'm still working on the TOC. It will be available within the next few days though. When it is I'll update this post and announce the first 'free' day.

There will also be news--Bronze has won an award that we're quite excited about--and I can't wait to tell you about the Bronze soundtrack. "You mean 'play list'?" I hear you ask. No, soundtrack. Stay tuned!