Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Romance Is In the Air Giveaway Hop (and TGJ sneak peek)

Welcome to the 2015 Romance Is In the Air Giveaway Hop hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.

I thought I would have my new novel, the second in The Glister Journals series, ready for release by now, but it's almost done. And yes, there is romance. Unfortunately, the new book's not ready to give copies away yet, but I'll share a teaser with you. And my giveaway is a $25 gift card to buy the romance(s) of your choice.

Here's a tiny sneak peek - just a touch of romance for Valentine's Day. :)

It was darker here, but there was enough light to plainly see his face. He was standing very close and still holding my wrist as if afraid to let go.

“This is the scary part,” he said softly, staring back at me.

I had a stab of fear, wondering what he'd say next. “I—”

There was no time to say anything more and even less to formulate theories on his behavior. His gaze dropped to my mouth for a heartbeat, then he planted his own lips firmly on mine.

Another moment later, he drew slowly away.

I was stunned. My heart had leaped to my throat the moment we had reached our dubious destination, but I wasn't expecting this. I couldn't grasp the fact that he had literally dragged me outside to a forbidden and relatively isolated location to—what? Kiss me? He just kissed me?

My heart thumped and skipped crazily as the reality of that sank in to my poor befuddled brain. I was speechless. My assumptions about this evening were spinning in ever widening circles.

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