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About The Glister Journals

Bronze follows Allison Anderson through her first year of high school. She’s a normal girl but also neurologically different from most other kids. Not obviously autistic, the difference has caused her social problems in the past, being misunderstood and bullied, as well as having various physical and sensory issues. She’s expecting to have the same problems at her new school, but she becomes involved with people who seem to accept her as she is. They also help introduce her to the world of horses and riding.

That is the simple premise, but the story has many layers: from the simple main story, to the subplots, to the back stories of the characters and all their secrets, fears, and motivations. And there’s another aspect - a kind of hidden layer - a music soundtrack that accompanies the book, one song per chapter.

One of the main themes of the series is assumptions and how we all make them about absolutely everything, especially about people we perceive as different from ourselves. Throughout the story, you know most of the assumptions Allison makes, and you can guess at the assumptions the other characters make, but the reader will make their own too. The truth behind everybody’s story is revealed throughout the series.

Bronze has received 5 star reviews from ForeWord Reviews and Reader's Favorite, a 4 1/2 star review from IndieReader, and is winner of the 2013 IndieReader Discovery Award for Literary Fiction.

The Glister Journals series is not written as Young Adult in the genre sense. I wrote it for myself first and tried to write it to be enjoyed by readers of any age. Allison seems a young fourteen when the series starts, and the first two books will be suitable for mature middle school readers. The series has a suggested reading age of high school and above for increasingly mature themes throughout the series.

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  1. Your books sound amazing! As a lifelong horse lover, I'm always on the lookout for good horse books. I just added Bronze on Goodreads!

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    1. Thank you so much Serena! I just visited your blog the other day and absolutely love it. I'm following you on Twitter too. I'd love to send you Bronze to read. Whichever format you'd prefer!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Tracy. I hope you get a chance to read it. I will be giving away more books when the new edition paperback is out, but will definitely have free Kindle days when the e-book is ready. There will also be more when I start promoting Book 2. :)

      BTW I tried to visit your blog but the page wouldn't load. :(

  3. This sounds amazing! I work in a school, and it is so important to be able to understand these children that are just a little bit different than we are!

    1. Thank you Saundra! I agree. Unfortunately there's still so much misleading information out there. I'm autistic myself but am also a teacher and a surprising percentage of my students are autistic too (whether diagnosed or not). Thank you for taking an interest! The new paperback (with pretty new cover!) should be out soon. :)

  4. Your books sound amazing. I will share them with my followers

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    1. Thank you Diana! The new edition cover will be revealed this weekend!