Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Day Out . . .

I think I need to get out today. You know, just out of the house, clear the cobwebs out, jump in the car and drive, and blast my tunes. I'm going to head over to the Northern California Renaissance Fair (do you always have to check your spelling on that word like me?) I've been to smaller Ren Fairs, but not this one, and none so big.

A friend of mine is going as an assassin. A special assassin. She's going to try to give an apple to the Queen. (Favorite video game reference.) It might prove entertaining. I'll take pics, even try to get decent video (I'm STILL working on sharing that. I don't seem to have any time to work on it. Then again, I guess I could stay home today and work on it, but then I'd have no video. You see the dilemma.)

Meanwhile I have FINALLY got Chapter Three uploaded on my Wordpress blog. Chapter Two needs some revision to reflect any revisions in the book, and Chapter Four will be following. All four chapters are available for reading at I'll report back on Ren Fair later.

Have a great Sunday!

More Glister info and chapters at the book's website here:

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