Thursday, July 28, 2011

July giveaway coming to a close

As July winds down into August, I'd just like to remind everyone interested in winning a copy of The Glister Journals: Bronze that you NEED TO LEAVE A COMMENT letting me know that you want to be entered! Quite a few people have begun following, either the blog here or on Wordpress, or on Facebook, but only one has actually LEFT A COMMENT saying that they want to be entered in the giveaway (Sorry - I don't mean to shout, but without that comment, I don't know whether you want a book or are just curious/supportive!)

It doesn't hurt to enter . . . just LEAVE A COMMENT letting me know! At this point there is still a book available, and anyone not winning this month will be added to the drawing for the following months. Good luck everyone!

Summer Book Giveaway

More Glister info and chapters here:

Glister Journals chapters on Wordpress . . . (Chapters Three and Four will be added soon.)

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