Friday, July 29, 2011

Garlic Watermelon?


I just saw a lady on the 10 o'clock news eating garlic sprinkled on watermelon. How is it the Garlic Festival always passes me by? I always miss it! I have occasion to drive through Gilroy from time to time - usually on my way from Point A to Point B - but have pit-stopped there frequently too; it's one of those places where everything is right off the freeway (oh, wait - except Starbucks and Peets!).

Don't get me wrong - I actually like Gilroy. It's a lovely area and has good shopping. When I lived on the Central Coast it seemed to be "The Place" to shop - unless you could afford to go to Hong Kong. I've never been able to go to Hong Kong for shopping or anything else, but I wouldn't mind going. Oh wait . . . I was talking about Gilroy . . .

I'm sure you get used to the aroma (is that why there's a town not too far away called Aromas?) I guess the smell loses its potency once you've been there an hour or two shopping, or looking for a coffee shop, but if you're just driving through it sure does a number on you. Especially if you're hungry.

So apparently it's the Garlic Festival all weekend, and I know about it. Now I have to consciously make a decision whether to go or not. Will the lure of garlic watermelon prove irresistible?

I'll let you know . . .


My friend and I thought we'd go check it out, just for a few hours, but the closer we got to where we assumed 'the action' was, the slower the traffic actually moved. Then I remembered I hadn't bothered to find out if there would be an entrance fee. Everything has an entrance fee. I can't even go for a walk in the park anymore without paying a fee. (The fee was $17.00 for the Garlic Festival, apparently)

Then I also remembered there would no doubt be a parking fee too. Last weekend I'd been happy to pay for the Salinas Rodeo, but hadn't thought about parking. It had cost $10.00 to park on a baseball field and it was worth it. But that was for rodeo. This was for garlic! I wasn't so sure $10.00 was reasonable for parking for garlic. I'm not exactly made out of money.

It turns out that parking was free with a shuttle service, which is good to know . . . for next year. Next year - if I go - I will leave much earlier and probably on a Saturday. Judging from the website, it looks like it would be fun, not to mention the food of course. Yes, next year sounds good.

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