Monday, July 25, 2011

California Rodeo

It's been quite a while since I've been to pro rodeo. For the past few years I've attended high school rodeos, which I have to say, I really enjoy more. But this was fun - if expensive. It was a beautiful day; actually a little on the cool side which is just fine with me.

I got some good video too, which I hope I can capture some nice stills from. I'll try to post some at a later date. I'm also hoping that some of the video might be useful in coming up with some animation for a book trailer I want to make. Yes, I know that trailers are supposed to come out before the event, but if you think about it, they really should come out after. Trailers go behind, right? Anyway, it's just a project, and at this point I don't have a clue how to do animation properly, so it's certainly going to take a while.

Here's a link for a story about a couple of brothers who competed there . . . reminded me a little of the Glister boys: Prorodeo article

Back to the rodeo . . .

One of the things I prefer about high school rodeos I've been to - apart from the amazing riding skills displayed - is being able to watch one event at a time. I like to really watch. I soak it all up. So if it's bull riding, I want to just watch bull riding. I don't mind waiting between bulls. At this rodeo they kept everything moving so that there was always something going on: reining at the same time as roping (NOT in the same space, obviously); barrels at the same time as broncs. That was very distracting. I have attention issues as it is. I want to be able to watch one thing and really see what's going on. Maybe I'm weird, but I'm just not into the whole 'three-ring circus' thing.

Saw some things I hadn't seen before. Mini wagon racing. That was kind of cool, except that there were only two wagons. And a relay race where riders drag a rug that individuals jump on and get pulled - 'drag racing'? The bullfighters were pretty good, but I got a bigger kick out of watching the bulls after they were released into the big arena. Every time a bull was released it would saunter over to the rest of them, they'd turn and walk off together as if to 'powwow' about their experience and the oddities of the human race, then they'd come back to watch the next bull and wait for him to be released and join them. It was very interesting. Yeah, I'm weird like that.

It was over way too soon, but it was a good day. I love rodeo. :)

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