Sunday, August 27, 2017

Bronze New Edition Cover Reveal and Street Team!

I'm so excited about this! I absolutely love it. I think it fits the mood and main character of the book perfectly. The new edition paperback is in production, the on-sale date is set. I'm waiting for the proof copy and can't wait to see it! It took a long time to write the book in the first place and get the first edition finished. It's taken even longer and has been much harder to get to this point, so forgive me if I seem disproportionately excited about a re-release. The thing is, unless the first book reaches a broader audience, the next books in the series will have a hard time too. Going by the media and reader reviews it's already received, I'm sure more people will like it if they have a chance to read it!

That's why I need your help! Self-promotion is really hard for me. I've never been good at selling anything. I once even tried selling Avon but was hopeless! I also find the concepts and mental juggling required (executive function skills) for marketing very confusing, which may be due to my autism. So I'm seeking help from people who have already read Bronze or would like to read it, and that live in the US or Canada. If you'd like to know more about the series, you can read my About The Glister Journals page and take a look around The Glister Journals website. A few excerpts can be read HERE to see if you like my writing style, etc.

What does the street team do? The team's purpose is to get the word out in any way possible. The most important thing is to actually read the book and review it, especially leaving a review on Amazon. Any help is immensely appreciated. Posting your thoughts and reviews to social media is also enormous help, but telling people in real life is too, people you think would enjoy the book, or may know someone who would - your neighbor, your family, your book club, your local librarian! Letting others know about the pre-order is very important too. Books with a healthy pre-order base are more likely to be stocked in bookstores. Even more important, they'll be actively promoted by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers. The MOST important thing is to post a review on Amazon on or as soon after release day as possible. Posting reviews to other retail and book community sites (such as Goodreads) is extremely helpful, too.

What do you get for being on the team? First of all you get my heartfelt and everlasting gratitude! It's an overwhelming task for one person to accomplish, but your help can make all the difference in the world! More tangibly, you get an advanced reading e-copy of Bronze and each of my books months before anyone else for as long as you're on the team. The second book, Copper, is in revisions and I hope will be ready for ARCs by the end of this year or early next. There will be an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask me questions and share ideas and experiences. There will also be Glister-related swag and gift card giveaways exclusive to the street team, early reveals, and exclusive sneak peeks from upcoming books. I'm very open to other ideas about how I can reward you!

Everyone that pre-orders a print copy of Bronze will also get a free e-book copy. Pre-orders (print OR e-book) will also get you early access to the Bronze soundtrack which will be publicly revealed in a countdown to the release of Copper. I'm open to other ideas about pre-order perks too! (Bronze is available for pre-order on Barnes and Noble right now for over $3 under list price!)

I won't go into details about the team here, but if you'd like to help, please fill out the form in the link below. For legal reasons we can only accept adults over 18 on the team, but if you're under 18, I'd appreciate your help so much! You can find some ideas HERE. Anything you do to get the word out will help and I'd love to know all about it! You can stay in touch with me here on my blog, on Twitter, through Goodreads or through The Glister Journals Facebook page.

The Glister Journals Street Team Application

I look forward to working with you!

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  1. I live in Ireland but am more than happy to share on social media to get your novel to a wider audience if that helps?

    1. Thank you so much Kate! Of course it helps! I'll be posting when the book is available for pre-order and ARCs will be available through Net Galley for review. I'm not sure if that's US only or international though. Stay in touch and I'll find out!