Saturday, March 5, 2016

No Strings Attached Giveaway

This hop is hosted by Mary at Bookhounds. This is one of my favorite giveaways during the year - all you have to do is enter! I am giving away a $15 gift card to the book store of your choice. Follow the linky list so you can hop over to the other blogs participating.

EDIT - Several of you have been concerned that there was no place to enter your e-mail on the Rafflecopter, so I added one, but be assured, your e-mail was already collected. (I don't know how it does that. I think it's magic.)

If you added your e-mail in a comment, be assured that I got it and will compare it to the entries list. If it's not there, I'll manually add it. So far it looks like they all have been. I don't post personal e-mails in the comments to protect you from spammers.

For those concerned your comment got lost because it didn't appear right away, I just didn't get to it yet. I moderate comments to keep spam out. Thanks so much to everyone for participating! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Reviews for The Glister Journals: Bronze
More Glister Journals info at the book's website here:
The Glister Journals: Bronze can be purchased through any bookseller or purchase now at New edition coming!
Note: All original text and materials by or commissioned by B. B. Shepherd are copyright 2012-2016 to B B Shepherd.


  1. Replies
    1. Actually, all you have to do for this giveaway is enter, but thanks so much for following too! Good luck!

  2. I could not see a giveaway form, but would love to enter your giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Dianna, I'm not sure I have your e-mail. I'll manually add your name. Please reply to this comment with and e-mail (I won't publish it) Thanks!

  3. When someone enters a giveaway on Rafflecopter, they have to login to the app first with a name and email address. This is what you as the host of the giveaway sees when you go to draw a winner.
    Now, if you are hopping from blog to blog and entering on a Rafflecopter form, it sometimes saves your info, so you don't have to keep logging in.
    This is probably what was confusing your visitors. :)

    1. I never enter them myself, so I don't know what it's like from the other side. Thanks for the explanation Hannah.