Saturday, September 20, 2014

No Transmission


Well, this is embarassing. I had such high hopes of getting caught up on blog posts this weekend, but I'm currently sitting in my car just outside Target so I can use their guest internet account. Thursday afternoon my internet exploded. Well, more like quietly disappeared (just doesn't sound as dramatic). Of course, I contacted my provider. They worked through troubleshooting with me only to come to the conclusion that I needed a new modem. They said the one I had was outdated anyway. (“They” makes them sound like a collective, like The Borg. I was already beginning to think they were.)

So Friday after work, I got a new modem and called to activate it. No luck. (Failure to be assimilated).

“It must be your 'wall',” they said. “A technician will need to come out to check it.”

“And you'll charge me for that. Right?” (Resistance is futile.)

"Well, yes," they said.

"But I do not own the wall," I said. "The wall is not my responsibility. I haven't been mistreating, abusing, or misusing the wall. I fact, I haven't even touched the wall."

Then I felt a little guilty. Perhaps I've been neglecting my wall.

Anyway, for the moment I have no internet unless I go to Starbucks or sit in my car outside Target using their guest accounts. I do get e-mail and Twitter on my phone, but that's all. So if you try to contact me, I'm not ignoring you! I was supposed to have a giveaway up this weekend, too, but couldn't get things up and running fast enough. There are others on the horizon.

I did want to tell you that I am thrilled to be done with extensive revisions to the first half of Bronze which will temporarily be known as Part One. For those who haven't read it yet, Bronze is a very long read. Though no one has complained, and some even said they wished it was longer, I know it's too big to carry around easily. But the first half of it is very suitable to being a book in itself. In fact, I had originally contemplated releasing it as two books but, as it is my first novel, I decided against it. For reasons of size (more portable) and cost (smaller will cost less to produce, cost less for readers), I'm now thinking it's a really good idea since there will be a new edition. I'd really appreciate your opinion on this, whether you've read Bronze or not.

For those who have read the whole book already, Part One is through chapter eighteen - just after Allison's dad finds out about Gold and goes to confront the Calderas. It's almost exactly half way through the book. I figure, at that point you're either hooked and want to know what happens next, or not. So those who aren't, don't have to buy the second part (Dave's reaction and everything that follows) and those who do, hopefully will! It'll probably have it's own subtitle, too, as "Part One" and "Part Two" are incredibly boring.

I'm not sure when the new edition will be released or the exact form it will take, but it is finished. That means I am getting back to the second Glister Journals book (almost finished) and will continue the new revisions on the second half of Bronze. The new edition will be released, one way or another, before the Bronze soundtrack countdown and release of the new Glister Journals book. I'll keep you updated on that.

In the meantime and in spite of internet weirdness, I'll try to get some music and book posts done. And there are several moregiveaways coming, so stay in touch! I haven't been terribly impressed with anything new on the radio lately so I don't have a new music video, but I sure am looking forward to cooler weather and, hopefully, lots of precipitation. So from crispy brown and extremely thirsty California, I leave you with wishful thinking:

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