Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Buu (and April Soundtrack Clue)

Just a short post . . .

Almost five years ago (we think...time goes by so fast) we adopted a little white ball of fluff and named him Buu. We weren't sure of his actual birthday so decided April 1st was probably close enough. He's part Siamese part American shorthair, otherwise known as Colorpoint or Flame point. He's a real goof ball, very talkative, and a snuggle bunny...er, kitty. He gives kisses and high fives, plays dead, and lets us dress him up. Our lives have been so enriched by him. I promise not to post too much about him, but he might turn up here and there. Fair warning.

So, on to the April soundtrack clue. To narrow the possibilities down a little more:

    10. Eight of the songs were released before 2000. The oldest song is from 1976.
    Most of these are fairly well-known I think. Some are definitely classics.

How are you doing so far? I'm not trying to make this too hard, but I'm not completely giving it away either. Let me know if there's a certain kind of clue you'd like. I'll try to oblige!

Full soundtrack clues (so far) can be found on the Glister Journals soundtrack page

In case you missed the previous post, the Fool for Books giveaway is on until April 7.

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