Friday, March 7, 2014

March update . . .

Apologies for being late with this month's soundtrack clue. I'm having severe computer issues and unable to access the internet at the moment through my own computer. This makes online life pretty difficult! It looks like I'll have to buy a new one which I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do yet, but if it shuts down completely, I'm sunk! I haven't been online much anyway as I really am writing, transcribing, and revising like crazy! (Plus working, of course.) I've already gone past my original (self-imposed) deadline so am working extra hard to get everything done as quickly as possible. With lots of help from my most severe critic, of course....

Buu offering literary advice

The good news is, I am moving into beta-reader stage and will be sending first chapters out soon. Book cover should be coming along soon too. Yay!

So, on to this month's clue. Since the past couple have been a bit vague, I'll give you something more concrete this month.

    CLUE #9 Some of the artists represented in the soundtrack can be found on my Pinterest "Music" board.
    Not all the artists are there, but the board represents some of my favorite artists and the kinds of music I listen to most.

I hope that helps! Updates will be a bit slow until my computer issues are solved, but I still have book and music reviews to do so I'll try to post again soon!

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Writing: The Glister Journals, Book 2: Chapter 24

Reading: Mockingjay

Watching: Gilmore Girls Season 4

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