Friday, June 22, 2012

Artwork, Road Trip, Music! (Part One)

Sorry again for the hiatus. I had hoped to post before now, especially as I am officially on vacation, but life's been go, go, go!

First of all, another piece from wonderful Katelynn Chambers. This time it's Robin and her horse, Gali. I don't quite picture Robin this way myself, but I love the picture anyway. The relationship implied between the characters is perfect, and I love her jeans! The colors and artwork in general is amazing. I just love her work so much!

Robin and Gali

(c) 2012 Katelynn Chambers and China Blue Publishing

On to the road trip.


On Monday I headed north, destination: the northernmost part of Washington (state) to visit a person very dear to me. I got a very late start due to errands that needed to be run, and tried to get as far as could without stopping. I don't often get further north than Sacramento, so, especially once past Redding, I began to be a little more interested in the scenery. I was also looking for a potential Starbucks stop, but didn't want to have to go looking for one. There were no signs, so I kept going.

I admit to being tempted by the little city of Dunsmuir (apparently "Home of the best water on earth" and, according to the city's website, "the small-town home of 2,000 you wished you had grown up in."), but eschewing the potential delights of the Dunsmuir Historical Gardens, I continued on. It was probably closed anyway.

I wanted to take pictures along the way, but there are very few places to actually stop, especially not where there's anything interesting to photo. Here's a picture of Mount Shasta, northern California.

Mount Shasta

Not a terribly good picture; it's much more impressive in person. By this time I was in need of tea and ready to venture off the beaten track in search of it, but this mountain town (I didn't write down the name)

didn't look like it would have a Starbucks. Just finding the way back onto the I5 was an adventure. Of course that could be said of most large cities too.

I took some better pictures of Mount Shasta on my "good" camera (which I will add later--I have to wait to get home to download them) some place north of a town called Weed. Yes, that's right, Weed. There's actually a South Weed, a Central Weed, and even a North Weed Road (or something similar.) Weed is obviously a Very Important Place.

I was struggling to keep my eyes open by the time I crossed over the border into Oregon, but finally rolled into Medford about 10 p.m.

To finish off with MUSIC:

I had picked up three new CDs for the trip: The Black Key's El Camino, Keane's Strangeland, and I finally got Gotye's Making Mirrors, which is wonderful. But more about that next time. For now I'll leave you with Keane's Silenced By The Light which is on the radio quite a bit right now. I got to listen to the CD once through, but I'll listen again and have more to say about it on the trip home. I hope you enjoy!

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