Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First book, first blog...

(This is a repost of my first post from my Wordpress blog)

My first novel is finally finished, wrapped up in pretty paper (just kidding, everything’s digital these days) and sent off. It was really hard to let it go. I think I must know how a mother feels when her firstborn attends school on the very first day.

“No, he’s not ready yet. One more day…week…year…”

“It seems a little chilly outside. Maybe we should go back and get a sweater for her. Better yet, let’s start over and dress completely different!”

“Did we remember everything? Let’s go through that backpack one...more...time…”

“Oh, we forgot to get school supplies!” Face palm. “Never mind. Let’s skip the first day of school and go shopping instead!”

No, you have to just let go. You can only do so much and then, ready or not, perfect or, more likely, not, it has to be sent on its merry way to make its own place in the world. You hope it will meet nice people, people who will see the value in it and not treat it unfairly. And you hope it will stand up to whatever storms come its way.

And of course you want it to be popular, all the while telling yourself it’s much more important that it makes real friends, no matter how few; people who will love it as you do and really get it.

Be kind, world. We just want to be friends.

Comments and questions will be exuberantly responded to.

The first few chapters of Bronze can be read at

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